A New Solution Is Here For Better Access To Healthcare In The Caribbean!

Medical professionals, doctors, and patients in the Caribbean now have a unique and innovative tool available to them. This tool will provide the ability for online contact with each other for a convenient and personalized experience. CaribMedical launched its website caribmedical.com in November 2015, with enhanced features added in December 2020, mainly to alleviate the healthcare effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. These features expanded the services offered to provide timely and practical healthcare solutions to medical professionals, doctors, and patients.


CaribMedical is a Barbadian-based business that offers online services to medical professionals, doctors, and patients. Its website provides a platform where patients can locate and contact doctors and medical professionals across the entire Caribbean. They can see their available opening hours, book in-person or video consultations from the safety and comfort of their homes. In addition, doctors and medical professionals can register their profiles, list their practice, and accept requests for online appointments. CaribMedical also provides an Electronic Medical Records System (EMR), built especially for Caribbean doctors and situations, to assist them with accurately entering, maintaining, and accessing patient records.


Benefits For Patients

The Convenience of Staying Hom
Get easy, quick access to a doctor/medical professional via a virtual visit from the safety and comfort of your home.

Access to a Variety of Specialists
CaribMedical makes it easier for you to find a specialist from the Caribbean region and gives you the option to consult with the best.

Prevents the Spread of Viruses/Diseases
Online consultation protects you from contracting infectious diseases by allowing you to stay at home.

Reduced Wait Time
Booking virtual visits saves you precious wait time wasted in a waiting room that otherwise could be used for other important activities.

Virtual Walk-In Visit
A real-time, on-screen visit with a physician of your choice is available at any time.
Benefits for Medical Professionals/Doctors

Greater Virtual Presence
Persons all over the Caribbean can access your profile and directly contact you for medical care.

Increased Accessibility to Patients
Access to patients from the entire Caribbean.

Video Consultations
Medical Professionals/Doctors can take advantage of the video consultation feature to conveniently meet with their patients.

Improved Practice Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction
CaribMedical allows physicians to consult with their patients through audio and video conferencing, secure transmission of images, review test results and an efficient medical records system. The benefits are more timely care, increased patient satisfaction, and improved efficiency.

Requesting in-person appointments on CaribMedical is free! You only need to pay the costs associated with your doctor's visit when you go in person to your appointment. If, however, you would like to book a virtual online visit with a doctor or medical professional, you are required to make a payment. Doctors and medical professionals register for free on CaribMedical.

Your health and safety are important to us, so all medical professionals and doctors on CaribMedical must be licensed nationally, be in good standing with their island's medical boards, and meet several other guidelines before listing their profile on CaribMedical. We have these requirements to ensure that you get the best possible medical experience when using CaribMedical.

Simply register on our website by following the instructions provided. Doctors and medical professionals also have an administrative section where they can manage their profiles and payments. Our team at CaribMedical also liaises with doctors and medical professionals to provide the necessary support and assistance in registering for and using our services.

Our CaribMedical website, caribmedical.com, is specifically designed for all patients' ease of access and usability. Some of these website features are:

Directory Search - Search from a variety of registered doctors and medical professionals in the Caribbean for one best suited for you. CaribMedical gives patients access to contact information and other details of each listed professional by island. Patients can then consult with both local and regional doctors by contacting them directly from within the listed profiles on CaribMedical.com.

Specialty Page - To help patients to identify a professional, our website has a Specialty page so that patients can learn about various doctor specialties and what medical conditions they treat. In addition, easy access to doctors in that specialty is provided directly from the page by simply clicking on one of the available profiles.

Scheduling Appointments – Scheduling appointments on CaribMedical is easy. Choose your doctor/medical professional from our directory and click 'Request Appointment.' If your doctor/medical professional has two or more locations, you choose the appropriate location. Next, select the week you would like your appointment, the date, and the time, and enter a short note to the doctor. You can enjoy the convenience of requesting appointments at any time of the day or night from your smartphone or computer.

Book virtual visits or consultations via CM Meets – There are two ways to book virtual visits or consultations from the profile of doctors/medical professionals, either by an email invitation or on your dashboard when you log in on the website. All you do is click 'Join Meeting.' If patients choose to do so, they can invite an unlimited number of family members to their virtual session. However, invitation links cannot be shared with persons other than those chosen by the patient. Our team at CaribMedical is available to provide hands-on assistance and support to patients registering for our services.

Whether it's to easily access a doctor's contact information, recruit the services of a medical professional on another island, or get a second medical opinion, Caribmedical has the solutions for you. We continue to expand our services across the Caribbean islands in order to provide 'Solutions for Life,' beginning with better healthcare solutions for you via CaribMedical.