Meet with a Physician over Video

An innovative way to connect with patients and doctors using technology.

Virtual Walk-In Visit
A real-time, on-screen visit with a physician of your choice is available every minute of every day.

Choose your Doctor
Select from our list of doctors.  Keep the same doctor for future visits. Choose an available time for your visit right from the safety of your smart phone or computer.

Stay Home 
We’ll connect you with your doctor via video so you have no reason to leave the safety of your home. You now have another option in our Covid-19 environment.

What will I need?

  • Computer, tablet or smart phone 
  • Access to the internet
  • An account opened on
  • Book your visit and you are ready!
How It Works

An email with a secure link will be sent to the email address that was used to register, you will be notified from your account dashboard as well of your confirmed appointment.

Before your virtual visit be sure to :

  • Check your device Camera
  • Test your Audio
  • Test your Speakers 
  • Find a spot that has proper lighting
  • Find a spot that has strong WIFI signal 
  • Prepare in advance what you would like to ask the doctor