Telemedicine and You


Telemedicine allows clinicians to  provide healthcare services using telecommunication technologies and share information online electronically with patients who choose the online platform. This includes consultations conducted through audio and video conferencing, remote monitoring of vital signs, second opinions, secure transmission of images, a review of test results etc.

Advantages of Telemedicine

Stay Home
Easy quick access to a doctor via virtual visit from the safety of your home.

Access to Specialists
Telemedicine makes it easier for you to find a specialist from the Caribbean region and gives you the option to consult with the best.

Prevents the Spread of Virus / Diseases
Being on an online consultation protects you and your physician from transmitting any possible virus or disease.

Reduced Wait Time
Booking your virtual visit saves you precious wait time that can be used for other important activities. Time not wasted in a waiting room.