In-Person Appointments

Please Contact 911 or Your Emergency Number for all Emergencies!

Hassel-Free Appointments - Enjoy the convenience of requesting appointments at any time of the day (even at midnight or dawn) from your smart phone or computer.

Same-Day Appointments - Same-day scheduling, also known as “advanced access” or “open access” scheduling, allows medical practices to dramatically decrease patients’ waiting times for appointments. Very simply, it requires that practices do today’s work today by offering a same-day appointment to all patients who call. The result is more timely care, increased patient satisfaction and improved practice efficiency.

Scheduling appointments on CaribMedical is simple and easy. Choose your doctor from our doctor search and click Request Appointment. 

If your doctor has two or more locations you will need to choose a location. Choose the week you would like your appointment, your date and time and enter a short note to the doctor.

*Do not enter private information or details.